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Why do you need a Massage ?

Massage is the process of stretching and applying pressure to muscle tissues, which has been used for centuries to prevent and cure injury. It is a natural therapy that results in decreased tension in the body's muscles which can benefit everyone.  Professional and amateur athletes can benefit from reduced injury, improved performance and recovery times. Even if you do not take part in sport, massage can help you to reduce the tension caused by a busy or stressful day.

Benefits of massage for Sportsmen/women.


Regular massage will allow you to:


  • Increase performance during competition


  • Train longer and play harder without injury


  • Improve recovery rate between exercise


  • Overcome fatigue and aide recovery


  • Decrease recovery time following injury


Benefits of massage for relaxation


Regular massage will allow you to:


  • Decrease back and neck pain

  • Re-adjust and improve posture

  • Reduce muscle pain and soreness

  • Improve the ability to relax and sleep

  • Overcome fatigue and tiredness

  • Reduce muscle tension caused by stress

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